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A week under caretaker govt pakistan

March 18, 2017
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

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Pakistan — A Week Under Caretaker Governments

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106 Killed,18 Kidnapped,10 Women Raped,Tortured, Missing

By Abbas Kassar

Hyderabad: With the departure of elected governments and induction of caretakers in center and provinces, the crime rate has increased drastically during their first week 23 to 30 March 2013, in which as many as 106 persons including 22 security personnel, 4 children,10 women (under Karo Kari) were killed that proves ineffectiveness of 80 plus rulers. It is amazing that past government and opposition chose retired judges to become caretaker prime minister, 3 provincial chief ministers and also election commission members all happen to be of more than 80 years. Generally speaking 20 years after retirement is the age of worship and to count days and not meant for rule. Second question is that are judges made to rule or make rulers accountable to justice.

It is said that Khoso has been made prime minister to appease the rebel Baloch who had ascended to mountains as part of their movement for separation. With his one son in Tehrik Insaaf and another former MPA of PPP how can he play neutral role is to be watched.

I come back to subject that crime rate has increased in first week of caretakers rule. Apart from above 18 person including 3 women and 6 children were kidnapped,3 children of the age of 15 months, one year died in Nagarparkar of measles and another child or 3 year also died of not receiving the vaccination for measles and 10 more were lying on death bed in Kachho area of Dadu district. 2 women Shakeela and Soina were gang raped near Tando Adam when the culprits dragged them out from rickshaw. 4 persons including a woman committed suicide during the week and one had died of taking hand made poisonous wine while a worker died of burns in match factory in Tando Adam. Aming 18 kidnapped are 8 class sutdent Sohnal Mugheri of Qambar, 16 years old girl student Yasmeen Mughal from Sukkur, 10 years old Jamshed son of Azeem of Shahpur Jehanian, 8 years Faizan from Merabpur and Sakina mother of 8 from Sita Road, 2 Hindus Baldev and Preetamdas from Bakhshapur while a Hindu girl 18 years Ganga was kidnapped from Jaccobabad, converted and married to a Muslim man. Hindu Panchayet’s continued protest remains unheard as they were mulling to leave Sindh and migrate to India.4 women of Chandia community of Tando Ghulam Ali district Badin were missing from Darul Aman Hyderabad where they were sent by concerned court on their request for divorce from their husbands. One among them is young daughter accompanied with her mother. These missing women are: Shahnaz, Sakina, Amna and girl Sughra.

The strange aspect of wave of crimes was indifference and apathy of police which not only did not move to arrest killers, kidnappers or to bust the crime but in few cases it took sides with perpetrators as was evident from followings: In Kotdiji in Khairpur district a man Khabar snatched 3 animals from a woman Sharifan who was grazing them in meadow. On resistance and cries the culprit let dogs loose on Sharifan who though bleeding of dog bites reached Kotdiji police station but police did not took her complaint. She rushed to government hospital but finding it locked went to a private clinic where doctor gave her chit for purchase of medicine which was too costly and out of her reach. In anohter case of torture in village Sachal Shar near Faiz Ganj also in Khairpur district husband Allahdino tortured his wife Jameelan by binding her with ropes. He also beat his two infant sons Zahid and Asif. Affer untieing her she went to police station Faiz Jang but police did not help her nor registered complaint. She visited press club and told her plight to journalists. Even after publication of story in press police did not move nor the caretakers.

In another hair raising incident a villager Aziz Chang was killed by armed men of Wadero Younis Chang by firing when he was running to save life in village streets where no one came to rescue him. Reason being that Aziz Chang had refused to give his 9 year old daughter for marriage with a 50 year old Wadero Younis Chang. Before being killed he raised voice against the tyranny of Wadera by observing hunger strike in front of press club Faiz Gang but police of the area neither took notice of his hunger strike and nor registered FIR of his murder against Wadera.

In yet another very cruel incident a 15 year old boy Mushtaq Manganhar was locked in a police quarter and tortured for refusing to have sex relations with paedo SHO of Nindo Shahar police station in district Badin, Ayub Khaskheli. Anoher 15 year old boy Ramzan Mallah was arrested, hand cuffed and locked up by Kaloi police station also in Badin district. His father and elder brother Ashraf reached police station to know the facts but police locked them both up. A journalist Irshad Khaskheli went to police station to take pics but he was brutally beaten by police and his camera was snatched. Later on payment of bribe of Rs.10,000 police released all.

In another incident of brutal torture with children, a landlord caught a 15 year old boy Fayaz Rahu near Mirpur Bathoro in Thatta district and ted him in ropes with camel then flogged camel to run fast. With every scream of a boy of his wounds receiving while being dragged behind running camel the most tyrant Wadera raised his ugly laughter in jubilation. The peasants working in nearby fields did not dare to rescue the wounded boy who after the instinct of tyrant entertainment of Wadera was over the boy was untied. He is now in civil hospital for treatment.

These are but a few incidents of crime except may be more nor reported in press during first week of the octogenerian rulers upto 30 March 2013. No doubt they are here to hold fair elections but are they not responsible for crimes like murders, kidnapping, rape, torture and violence on women and children. If the silence on part of rulers, which I will call criminal silence, is not broken hundreds may die until the doomsday of polling.

[Abbas Kassar is a Jounalist in Hyderabad, Pakistan and presently working as bureau chief of daily Messenger Karachi and Lahore Times ( online), a member of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and European Journalism Center. He can be reached at; and 92 3453585137]


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