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change of puppet in sindh

August 7, 2016

Are they really going to Change CM or merely a change of Puppet in the hands of power player?


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Finally, the long-drawn-out era of Qaim Ali Shah regime in Sindh came to an end with the announcement by Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) that they are going to replace office of Chief Minister with another individual.

Finally, the long-drawn-out era of Qaim Ali Shah regime in Sindh came to an end with the announcement by Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) that they are going to replace office of Chief Minister with another individual.

May be they have found this initiative as an antibiotic to combat with the ongoing conflict between institutions particularly in Sindh. If it is so, it is their choice but this is also point to ponder over that was it really Qaim Ali Shah regime in Sindh during his long-lasting tenure? Probably not, because the de facto chief minister Qaim always remained tied in the directives from his political capital- Dubai, which was enough to believe that the authority of Sindh CM seemed to be in the hands of PPP leadership instead of a chief executive of a province. Simultaneously, the autonomous image of this executive and vital portfolio always remained opaque because the common belief of ruling Sindh administratively from abroad is nevertheless a blunder, but a reality, which deteriorates the ironic claims of democratic rituals, PPP believes in according to their leadership.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah was the first Chief Minister, who ruled Sindh for consecutive eight years as he was given this responsibility to obey leadership directions in 2008 whereas after completion of PPP first tenure, they again selected Qaim to assign the same assignment in the light of his obedience in 2013 onwards. Similarly, this was the only era, Sindh witnessed corruption, barbarism, lawlessness, nepotism and anarchy at its peak, which was not because of deactivate chief minister, rather, it was due to the interference of non-elected and non-constitutional party leadership within the authorities of a key administrator of a province.

This reality will decorate the past era of Qaim Ali Shah governance that he was never at all corrupt himself, which keeps him at a bay of his party progress in general but on the contrary, his lenient behavior towards worst corrupt cabinet members will always be remembered as the pivotal characteristic of the state of anarchy across province. Apparently, if he could manage the accountability of corrupt faces during his regime in order to ensure delivery up to the people, he could enjoy a red letter day by entire Sindh to say “Good-Bye” to their previous chief minister but it would be definitely an unlucky advent for Shah that he will be just remembered in the political statements by his team members, which would be surely less than a homage, he deserves.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah tried to deliver in his home constituency enormously and he is being believed as a protagonist in this regard whereas his syntax of delivery seemed to be an aftermath of poor planning across Khairpur, which has created a mess in the city because his native city deserved more than the roads and street lights from its chief minister because the public schemes, bestowed by Mr. Shah to Khairpur depict paucity of planning in various means. Furthermore, if he himself was corruption free man, then what his sub ordinates kept on doing from Jillani House, his residency was extremely unlawful and morally corrupt because most of the key responsible of chief minister house Khairpur used this entity for illegal acts like paid transfers, revenges, extortions, land grabbing, china cutting and much more.

Whether the chief minister himself was aware of all this or not, but beyond these happenings, Jillani house also conquered Shah Abdul Latif University administratively by appointing their dear and near ones on key posts despite of being not eligible for those posts. Not only had this, but entire administrative caravan of Khairpur used to run by the staff of CM house. If the CM himself was least corrupt or corruption free individual then who will answer these corrupt practices, committed by his own house through lower staff and Syed Qaim can never exempt him from these unlawful acts to prove a loyal and committed politician.

This was not only myth of CM house but entire Sindh was badly crippled with such disease and the offices, houses and staff of elected representatives were given a free-hand to do whatever they wanted. Consequently, the wake of investigations was an aftermath of this rowdiness, which led PPP towards a state of dilemma and replacement of a chief minister in the end. Basically, the solution of ongoing political chaos in Sindh doesn’t exist in substituting CM rather, there is need to remove a master, who uses CM as a puppet. It would be in vain to hope betterment from upcoming chief minister because the problem lies in the style of governance rather than a physical sitting in a chief minister’s office.




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