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3 sindhi nationalists detained in military

July 4, 2016

Dear President,

PAKISTAN: Three Sindhi nationalists were arbitrary detained in military custody; families receive threats from army officials

Name of victims:

1.Shahid Junejo son of Muhammad Ibrahim Junejo,
Holder of CNIC No. 43201-9181175-9,
Resident of Village Mandhra, Taluko Dokri,
P.O. Dokri, Taluko Dokri, District Larkana, Sindh

2. Zamir Hussain son of Gulsher Khaskeli,
Resident of Village Allah Dino Teewno, Mehar,
District Dadu, Sindh

3. Asghar Jamali son of Imam Bux Jamali,
Resident of Khuda Ke Basti No. 3, SITE Area,
Kotri, District Jamshoro, Sindh

Names of alleged perpetrators:
1.Brigadier Qasim of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Sindh

Date of incident: September 13, 2013
Place of incident: Quetta, Balochistan

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the illegal arrest of three young Sindhis by the military personnel who are being held in detention centers at two different Cantonments, one person in Malir Cantonment, Karachi and other two in Pano Aqil Cantonment, Sindh.

I was shocked to know that a Brigadier from the ISI has threatened the families of the illegally detained persons that if they continue their protests and provide information to the media they would find the dead bodies of the young Sindhis.

I have been informed that on 13 September, the detainees, namely, Shahid Junejo the son of Muhammad Ibrahim Junejo, Zamir Hussain, the son of Gulsher Khaskeli and Asghar Jamali, the son of Imam Bux Jamali, residents of Larkana, Meharh and Jamshoro districts, Sindh province left Karachi for Quetta in search of employment. On 16 September, many Sindhi language daily newspapers, namely, Daily Kawish, Daily Awami Awaz, Daily Koshish, Daily Fatah, Daily Jeejal, and Daily Fast Times, published the news that the security forces had picked them up from Sorab Road, Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. The news of their arrests reached their families after two days and people of the province started agitating for their safe recovery and the news was widely covered in the local media.

I am appalled that after eight days of their illegal detention, on 21 September, two persons who introduced themselves as employees of Brigadier Qasim of Pakistan’s notorious intelligence service, the ISI, told the families that two of the detainees, Shahid Junejo and Zamir Hussain were in Pano Aqil Cantonment, Sindh, and the third one, Asghar Jamali was being held in Malir Cantonment, Karachi, Sindh.

One of the Brigadier’s employees introduced himself as Mr. Anwer whereas the other kept quite throughout the meeting. Anwer threatened them to stop providing news to the media and to stop the nationalist organisation, the JSQM, from holding any further protests otherwise the families would receive the dead bodies of their loved ones. When the family member of Mr. Shahid Junejo tried to explain the position, Anwer simply announced that they had come to tell them clearly of what the situation was and not to enter into any discussion with them. After this both of them left immediately.

For your kind knowledge I wish to inform you that the above said Cantonment areas are among the 48 cantonments in Pakistan which have torture centers in their premises. Both the Malir and Pano Aqil Cantonments are notorious for keeping nationalists and political activists for long periods and torturing them. In many cases detainees have died of torture. The Sindhi people are constantly agitating against the Cantonments having torture cells where six Balochis have died and their dead bodies simply dumped in Lyari area of Karachi where there are frequent gang fights. By doing so the security agencies are attempting to show that their Balochi victims were killed in a gang war to eliminate the evidence of torture and extrajudicial killings in the military detention centers.

It is significant that no case or complaint has been registered against the detainees at any Police Station nor have they been produced before any court of law; and it is feared that they would be tortured or extrajudicially killed. It is genuinely feared that the lives of the detainees are in serious danger.

Mr. Gulsher Junejo, the cousin of detainee Shahid Junejo, filed a petition before the Sindh High Court for the safe recovery of the detainees and for them to be produced before the court. The lawyer, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Lakho hopes that the court will take urgent action on the petition and order the safe recovery of the illegally detained persons.

I wish to draw your attention to the fact that the law is very clear that any detainee must be produced before a court of law within 24 hours after arrest. However, the security agencies behave as if they are above the law and never respect the orders of the higher courts who feel themselves slaves before these agencies. In the recent months many Sindhi nationalists were arrested by the security from different districts of Sindh and kept in military detention centers after which their mutilated bodies were found.

I therefore urge you to ensure that these young victims are returned to their loved ones, unharmed and that the officials who illegally arrested them are investigated and prosecuted. The illegal arrest, detention and torture of Sindhi activists must be stopped immediately. I also urge you ensure that the persecution of Sindhi nationalists for demanding greater autonomy for their province is brought to a halt.

Yours sincerely,
abbas kassar


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