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Mr Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s First Address to the New Nation

March 30, 2016

Reality is Often Bitter . حقيقت اکثرتلخ ہوتی ہے

NOTE: A new country Pakistan was announced at 11:57 on the night between August 14 and 15, 1947 but the Boundary Commission nominated by British government for demarcation between India and Pakistan announced it’s decision on August 17, 1947 (The Radcliffe Award), as such Mr Jinnah did not make a mention to state Jammu and Kashmir in his speech on August 15, 1947.
Radcliffe Award, in total violation of agreed principle, district of Gurdaspur was divided to give passage to India for state Jammu and Kashmir. As a result India, violating the agreement that people of independent states would decide their future, attacked and captured the state of Jammu and Kashmir per force.

Text of the Speech (Delivered on August 15, 1947)
It is with feelings of greatest happiness and emotion that I send you my greetings. August 15 is the birthday of the independent and sovereign State of Pakistan…

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