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reasons bhutto hanged

March 28, 2016

Why was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto hanged?

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Adeel Shafique

Adeel Shafique, A never ending study.


He was initially charged with conspiracy to murder Ahmed Raza Kasuri, and the murder of Kasuri’s father.

Masood Mehmood, Bhutto’s general of the Federal Security force, testified after a few months in a Pakistani prison that Bhutto had given the orders. Four assasins also admitted to having had the orders before they performed the act. ( One said that he had given testimony after he had been tortured by his imprisoners).

He was found innocent of the murder but not of the conspiracy charge.
He was given the Death sentence. The only one that could have changed the sentence to life improsenment was

General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.
The paperwork was done and sent to him. He would later claim that the forms had been misplaced and therefore didn’t reach in time.

A lot of info was never released.

A lot of speculation has always been around that the CIA had ochestrated the whole stage and that Zia-ul-Haq was their puppet. It is not very far fetched as Bhutto was clearly a socialist hanging towards Russian emphathies and was pursuing the nuclear capability of Pakistan.
The whole play looked amazingly a lot like what happened to Salvador Allende in Chili thanks to the CIA.

A former U.S. attorney general and Human rights activist, Ramsey Clark, quoted that:

“I do not believe in conspiracy theories in general, but the similarities in the staging of riots in Chile and in Pakistan are just too close, Bhutto was removed from power in Pakistan by force on 5 July, after the usual party on the 4th at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, with U.S. approval, if not more, by General Zia-ul-Haq. Bhutto was falsely accused and brutalized for months during proceedings that corrupted the Judiciary of Pakistan before being murdered, then hanged. As Americans, we must ask ourselves this: Is it possible that a rational military leader under the circumstances in Pakistan could have overthrown a constitutional government, without at least the tacit approval of the United States?”.

and then of course years later someone blew up his daughter who was again running for office.

PPP Zulifkar to Benazir chronology doc: Google Drive Viewer
Tried to stay neutral while typing this answer. I do have my own views on this… but thats not what you asked for.


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