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fazila sarki

March 11, 2016

Fazila Sarki, seven year old, was kidnapped on March 23rd, 2007 from Garhi Hassan Sarki village near Thull District Jacobabad Sindh. However, since then the grieved parents of Fazila Sarki have been staging protests demanding recovery of her daughter, she has not been recovered so far. On the contrary the parents have been threatened of the grave consequences by the influential persons involved in the kidnapping. It looks that law and law enforcement agencies are toothless to take measures for her recovery.

In 2010, the Supreme Court taking suo motu notice had ordered the police to submit progress report in the case of Fazila Sarki within fifteen days and to find her within one month. The case was handed over to the Anti Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) which made raids in villages near karampur and Garhi Tegho but neither any arrest was made nor Fazila has been recovered so far.

According to Abdul Razzaq Sarki, Fazila’s father, “immediately after Fazila was kidnapped, the police arrested Qadir Bux Sarki, Allah Warrayo Sarki and Baboo Sarki who had confessed the kidnapping and selling Fazila to the criminal Budho Sarki. Later on Budho Sarki sold my daughter to Yakoob Teghani, a close acquaintance of Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani. Abdul Razzaq said that Sardar Zulfiqar Sarki confirmed that Fazila was with Teghani who refused to return her.”

This is a great example of powerlessness; violation of human rights, cruelty, and barbarism. 09 years ago, Fazila, seven year old, was kidnapped and still is in possession of the kidnappers. Although the parents of Fazila, the police, the influential personalities of the area, social activists and human rights organizations are well conversant with whereabouts and the criminals, yet no one is ready to take initiative for her recovery.

In this precarious situation, on humanitarian grounds, political parties, social activists and human right organizations and dominant personalities of the area have to take responsibility on their shoulders for the release of Fazila.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Sindh Times.

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