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March 8, 2016


Ismic Movement of Uzbekistan terrorism in Pakistan

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In the ongoing Pak army Operation Zarb-e-Azb, foreign militants groups faced huge loses. One of the strong and dangerous foreign militants group Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan IMU were specifically targeted by Pak army air and ground strikes in the area of North Waziristan and Mir Ali. Many training camps of IMU and hideout were destroyed. The IMU militants were shifted to Afghanistan bordering provinces Khost,Nangahar,Kunar,Pakita and Nooristan etc and in Pakistan tribal regions i.e. Khuram agency,Mohmand,Baujur agency and Swat. Some militants were shifted to settled areas like Bannu,Kohat,Peshawar,Swat ,Karachi and other parts of KPK.Tribals sources said that after the plastic surgery Uzbek militants mixed up in the settled areas of Pakistan.
According to tribal sources many Uzbek ex-militants are still hiding in the trobal areas. They were married with local tribals women and living peacefully in the Waziristan,Orakzai agencies under an peace agreement with the local administration. They are mixed up with the local population.
The sources said that more than 400 IMU militants were killed and around 60 were arrested in the ongoing military operation.
Uzbek militants are much stronger and expert in gorilla fighting. They played key role in gorilla operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Uzbek played a key role in formation of ISIS. They have closed contacts with IS leadership and provides advises and training to IS .Sources disclosed that over 100 young and highly trained Uzbek shifted to Iraq and Syria for holy war few year ago. The sources said those Uzbek militant s are the trainers of ISIS militants. It is also noted that the fighting strategy and style of Uzbek and ISIS are same. Both are hardliners, lethal and ruthless .
The senior leadership of IMU were highly trained and hardeners. Uzbek militants also played a key role in formation of Swat talibans.TTP and Swats’Taliban were also trained by IMU and during insurgency in Swat. Uzbek were also closed aid and advisors of the than Swat Taliban Chief Mullah Fazlullah. During Swat operation the Uzbek militants faced Pakistan army on front line, many Uzbek were arrested and killed during Swat operation.
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan was established by Tahir Yuldashev ,Ismail Khudar and Juma Namangani in 1998, in the north of Afghanistan.The majority of founders members of IMU werefrom ex-USSR army.In 1999 the IMU set up several military camps in northern Afghanistan from where it launched incursions into southern Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in 1999 and 2000. Tahir Yuldashev, a young mullah, emerged as an important leader in Adolat alongside Juma Namangani.
In December 1991, Adolat occupied the local Communist Party headquarter, which prompted a visit from the then head of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Islam Karimov, who later became President of Uzbekistan. In early 1992, the government of Uzbekistan banned and cracked down on the group. A number of IMU members fled to Tajikistan and some reportedly to Afghanistan, including Yuldashev. Namangani… (and) became involved in the Tajik Civil War (1992-97). After the Civil War ended, he became involved in drug trafficking. Yuldashev met up again with Namangani in 1997 and together they formed the IMU in 1998.
Juma Namangani was killed in Pak-Afghanistan border in Nov 2001. His death left Yuldashev solely in command. After 9/11, Tahir Yuldashev moved to Pakistan’s Fata region in South Waziristan. In 2007-08, with the backing of Pakistan Army, Mullah Nazir expelled hundreds of Uzbek militants from his tribal territory i.e. Wana area . headquarter of South Waziristan..
On August 27, 2009 Tahir Yuldashev was killed in a drone missile attack in Shin Warsak of South Waziristan. His deputy Abu Usman Adil became new IMU head. Like his predecessor, Usman Adil was also killed in drone attack in April 2012.
Adil was credited for increasing the IMU’s profile in Pakistan and Northern Afghanistan after Yuldashev’s death.He developed strong ties with the TTP. After the elimination of Adil, his second-in-command, Usman Ghazi took control of the IMU. He is currently heading the Uzbek militant group as its third ameer.From Mir Ali base both the TTP,IMU have joined hands to launch deadly attacks in Pakistan.
The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan militants are lethal, ruthless and faceless and physically fitter than the TTP militants.
The IMU’s recruitment base expanded from Central Asians – Uzbeks, Tajiks and Kyrgyz – to other nationalities, including Arabs, Afghans, Uighurs, Chechens and some Westerners.
Its militants carried out attacks on Pakistani forces in the tribal belt and are believed to have taken part in the Red Mosque siege in 2007, an attack on Peshawar airport in 2012, and several other suicide attacks on high-ranking Pakistani officials. They also claiming Karachi International airport old terminal attack.
IMU also involved in kidnapping for ransome with the help of Swat,Punjabi Taliban and also Lashkar Islami in Khyber and Orakzai Agencies.
On May 22, 2011, four foreign terrorists attacked the PNS Mehran at Shahrah-e-Faisal. They destroyed two P3C-Orion surveillance aircraft of the Pakistan Navy, while one was damaged. In this attack, 10 security personnel were also killed. All four attackers were either killed or blew themselves up.
On April 15, 2012 More than 100 militants attacked Bannu Jail and nearly 400 inmates freed. Uzbek fighters played a vital role in the Bannu jailbreak. Jundullah released the video of the attack, showing large number of Uzbek militants among the assault team. Even the cameraman, who filmed the entire episode, was an Uzbek.
On Dec 15, 2012 militants attacked Bacha Khan International Airport, Peshawar. Ten militants initially fired rockets at the airport followed by a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device blast. Five militants were killed, while trying to penetrate in the airport. The remaining five attackers were gunned down by the security forces. 7 millitants were Uzbek.
on July 30, 2013 dozens of militants stormed Dera Ismail Khan Jail and freed more than 170 prisoners. Most of them belonged to the outlawed TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. At least 12 people including four policemen were killed in this jailbreak. Uzbek militants actively participated in this attack also.
In PNS Mehran, Peshawar and Karachi Airport attacks, terrorists also wore suicide belts. And in all these five attacks Uzbek fighters belonging to the IMU participated.



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