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January 3, 2016


  • LAHORE: Six women are kidnapped and four are raped every day in Pakistan, claimed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Punjab organizer Chaudhry Sarwar while presenting a ‘fact-sheet’ on crimes against women and termed them a failure of government.

In a ‘fact-sheet’ prepared by Sarwar, he said three women commit suicide everyday across the country while 1.6 million minor girls were married off last year.

Chaudhry Sarwar said 76 incidents of women getting burned for various reasons were witnessed across the country while 90 women became victim of acid attacks.

He claimed that more than 7600 incidents of crime against women took place in Punjab alone while 320 women were killed in the name of honour in the province.

He said over 150 rape cases were reported in Punjab in 2015 and over 1,000 women were kidnapped during the same year.

Chaudhry Sarwar said the federal and Punjab governments have completely failed in providing basic human rights to women and incidents of gang-rape have become a norm. He said a major city like Lahore beats all others in the number of incidents of child molestation.

According to the fact-sheet, 50 percent of women end-up are married off at the age of 19 years while 13 percent girls are married off by the age of 15.

The fact-sheet claimed that 9 percent women become mothers between the age of 15 and 19 years.


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