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November 25, 2015



HYDERABAD, November 25, 2015: Women Action Forum held protest demonstration after taking out rally against killing of women on mass scale under age old custom of family honor. The rally and demo was led by professor Amar Sindhu, professor Arfana Mallah and Haseen Musrat Shah and participated by large number of women and men. Addressing the rally in front of press club here the leaders of WAF said in Sindh no day passes when more than one woman are not killed under Karo Kari ( family disgrace). They said each year has 365 days but women are killed more than number of days. They told that lat year 1447 cases of violence on women were registered, 17 women were kidnapped,58 subjected to gang rape while 155 were compelled to commit suicide. Among those killed 212 were targeted by their own family male members. They said one year back 1883 women were killed under Karo Kari.

WAF leaders deplored that the women victims in Pakistan never get justice. Kakoo Kolhan was gang raped. She ran from pillar to post for justice but could not get it and in a way lost her life while her rapists are walking free on bail. Arfa of Jamshoro was killed by her father who ponded 21 bullets in her body rand buried her without ghusl and coffin .Since last 4 month the culprits is not arrested or punished. 10 years old Muqadas Arain who had gone to mosque to get lesson of Quran. She was gang raped by Molvi and 3 others. He case was also lying in court for justice.  These are few cases which are waiting for justice and have exposed the image of police and judiciary. They also criticized Waderas, Sardars and politically influential persons who in complicity with police hold illegal courts of Jirga and issue death warrants for women while exonerate the killers. These very Jirgas issue orders for marriage of child girls with old men of enemy family.

The rally demanded abolition of Jirgas and ban on them, setting up of speedy trial courts which should decide cases of violence of women in shortest time. They demanded to bring to book those holding Jirgas and police officers failing action against them.

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