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husband wife commit suicide due to hunger in sindh

June 19, 2015

BADIN, SINDH, PAKISTAN: On 14 June Najoo mother of 6 children committed suicide in side home near Golarchi due to hunger since last 2 days and hours later her husband Kewal Kolhi also committed suicide as the pair failed to provide food to their 6 children who were crying for food since last 2days. Kewal was wandering to get any work so to earn livelihood for his children but could not get. Both belonged to minority Kolhi community.
There are hundreds of such families who are starving since funds meant to reduce poverty NGOs who receive funds for this purpose but utilize all on their own future.
The death of a father and mother of a family has proved beyond doubt that all claims by government and non government organizations were empty.
I make appeal to Clinton Foundation and other donors of world to help poor of Badin district of Sindh, Pakistan to survive.
It may be noted that Badin area is rich in oil and gas but the plants and fields of oil and gas do not provide employment to local people and bring the staff from outside Sindh.The elected representatives of national and provincial parliament get their share of booty so they keep quite on death of their people. It may be noted that during last year same months more than 950 children had died of hunger in Thar area of Sindh as government failed to help provide food to them. Sindh chief minister celebrated children death in Thar by organising health carnival in Thar.

(I am Ghulam Abbas Kassar a journalist and bureau chief of daily Messenger Karachi, I am general secretary Hyderabad union of journalists.
I can be contacted at;
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