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October 6, 2014

Kassar – details and analysis

The name Kassar has a web popularity of 2,210,000 pages.

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What means Kassar?
The meaning of Kassar is unknown.

Kassar has a Facebook presence of 113,000 pages.
Kassar has a Google+ Plus presence of 4,450 pages.
Kassar has a Linkedin presence of 4,360 pages.
Kassar has a Twitter presence of 91,500 pages.

The most popular images on the Internet for name Kassar:

Kassar Kassar Kassar has 779 occurrences for name Kassar.
White Pages has 25,100 occurrences for name Kassar.

Web synthesis about this name:

…Kassar is president of the international chamber of commerce for 1999.
Kassar is also chairman of the general union of chambers of commerce.
Kassar is born and bought up from a business family dealing in interior decoration work in middle east who from her.
Kassar is chairman and chief executive officer of fransabank group.
Kassar is attempting to do another deal over the mines with a group of japanese and an argentine bank.
Kassar is now under a criminal investigation in the federal courts of buenos aires.
Kassar is always very near to the people of his clan.
Kassar is suspected of being the real leader of the gang.
Kassar is a former business partner of imperial consolidated.
Kassar is chairman of the general union of chambers of commerce.

What is the origin of name Kassar? Probably UK or France. domain is already registered. domain is already registered. domain is already registered.

Kassar spelled backwards is Rassak
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Rsasak Skasra Saksar Ksarsa Aksasr
Misspells: Ksssar Kassat Kassal Kassa Kasar Kassara Ksasar Kassra Kasasr

Francisco Kassar
Richard Kassar
Omar Kassar
Avra Kassar
Paul Kassar
Abdulrahman Kassar
Fayez Kassar
Anas Kassar
May Al Kassar
Faten Kassar
Wendy Kassar
Eduardo Kassar
Rubens Rondon Kassar
Nisreen Kassar
Greg Kassar
Abdul Kassar
Bruno Kassar
Faisal Kassar
Nerses Kassar
Caroline Karim Kassar
Roberto Rondon Kassar
Edson Kassar
Nivine Kassar
Ignas Kassar
Nouhad Kassar
Riad Kassar
Isabelle Karam Kassar
Harlan Kassar
Abdulaziz Kassar
Maribel Kassar
Chris Kassar
Mhd Ghiath Kassar
Emma Kassar
Yamina Kassar
Ali Kassar
Jalal Kassar
Oliash Kassar
Vicky Kassar
Donna Kassar
Ami Kassar
Benjamin Kassar
Zakaria Kassar
Charbel Kassar
Bernie Kassar
Lucy Kassar
Barry Kassar
Sabah Kassar
Abeer Kassar
Robert Kassar
Wassim Kassar
Majed Kassar
Sofy Kassar
Abbas Kassar
Rawad Kassar
Ramez Kassar
Barak Kassar
Sandor Kassar
Yoni Kassar
Pablo Kassar
Natasha Kassar
Melanie Kassar
Tarek Kassar
Joshua Kassar
Mary Kassar
Mirna Kassar
Maya Kassar
Haytham Al Kassar
Carla Kassar
Ahmad Kassar
Samer Kassar
Rima Kassar
Nazneen Kassar
Viktor Kassar
Tony Kassar
Rabih Kassar
Amer El Kassar
Karen Kassar
Aishwarya Kassar
Abdullatif Kassar
Kadeshra Kassar
Ruba Kassar
Maha Kassar
Moffat Kassar
Fadi Kassar
Sam Kassar
Youssef Kassar
Walid Kassar
Kassaro Kassar
Khawla Kassar
Phil Kassar
Nathalie Kassar
Adrian Kassar
Rouida Kassar
Ronaldo Rondon Kassar
Sohaib Kassar
Nancy Kassar
Hadla Kassar
Khalid Kassar
Juan Kassar
Iman Kassar
Basil Kassar
Widad Kassar
Wael Kassar
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May Kassar
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Pierre Kassar
Maryam Kassar
Judy Kassar
John Kassar
Samar Kassar
Wasim Kassar
Shamshad Ali Kassar
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William Kassar
Michel Kassar
Arsh Kassar
Nabil Al Kassar
Zeina Kassar
Juan J Kassar
Peter Kassar
Ricardo Kassar
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Shula Kassar
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Mark Kassar
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Antonio Kassar
Jan Kassar
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Ragheb Kassar
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Zaher Kassar
Veronika Kassar
Khaled Kassar
Sajid Kassar
Mouhammad Kassar
Michaela Kassar
Rafik Kassar
Joe Kassar
Pinokyo Kassar
Malek Kassar
Bilal Kassar
Julius Kassar
Bechir Kassar
Huda Kassar
Carl Kassar
Mario Kassar
Laith Kassar
Fetna Al Kassar
Teresita Kassar
Safa Kassar
Rana Kassar
Louay Kassar
Fawaz Kassar
Ramsey Kassar
Kim Kassar
Zohrab Kassar
Mike Kassar
Camil Kassar
Steven Kassar
Kamolha Kassar
Chehade Kassar
Hisham Kassar
Bassam Kassar
Amin Kassar
Mohammad Kassar
Zeina Salek Kassar
Rita Kassar
Denise Kassar
Nabil Kassar
Joanne Kassar
Samira Kassar
Suzanne Kassar
Samir Kassar
Adam Kassar
Abdolaziz Kassar
Al Kassar
Muhamad Ayman Kassar
Mira Kassar
Doodi Kassar
Melek Kassar
Leila Kassar
Wahid Kassar
Mahmoud Kassar
Abdulrahman Al Kassar
Wasem Kassar
Najib Kassar
Suhad El Kassar
Mazen Kassar
Nasmat Kassar
Lutfi Kassar
Randa Kassar
Alia Kassar
George Kassar
Shanwaz Kassar
Maher Kassar
Mohamed El Kassar
Eli Kassar
Nadim Kassar
Amer F. Kassar
Adelina Kassar
Osama Kassar
Sevag Kassar
Clemantina Kassar
Abdul Rahman Kassar
Gerard Kassar
Courtney Kassar
Astrid Kassar
Nuna Kassar
David Kassar
Jamal Kassar
Felicite Kassar
Gwen Kassar
Ed Kassar
Daniel Kassar
Sami Kassar
Sarah Kassar
Bachar Kassar
Mohyeddin Kassar
Ayman Kassar
Mohammed Bin Kassar
Hassan Kassar
Baschar Kassar
Mona Kassar
Ziad Kassar


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