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14th August gave people of pakistan pains and pathos

August 20, 2014

On 14th August 2014,Pakistani government is celebrated 67th independence day by taking out rallies and holding public meetings all through state offices with bringing school children in rallies. However people at large specially in 3 smaller provinces of Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa kept away from these jubilations as they have no interest in such festivals. They think that they were more prosperous before creation of Pakistan than now. Pakistan, in last 67 years have given them pains and pathos, hunger, poverty, diseases and deprived them of their social and economic rights. Only rich have got fruit of independence while the working class, peasants and lower as well as lower middle class have suffered much. With creation of Pakistan, Punjab being big province with more than 50% seats in parliament got supremacy while Sindhis, Pathans and Balochis felt Punjab was exploiting their resources. Pushtoon leader Khan Wali Khan had once termed Pakistan as greater Punajb adding that they were more happy in British era than in Pakistan. In his message on 67th day of independence of Pakistan , Syed Qaim Ali Shah chief minister Sindh has said that Sindh was producing 72% of total oil and 70% of gas but all taken away by federation in name of Pakistan. In his national address Pakistan president Mamnoon Hussain hasd admitted that majority of people were not having even 2 times meal. More than 12 hours of power outage has made life of citizens of country miserable.
Apart from sufferings and miseries of people, country continues to remains plunged under political crisis after crisis as Pakistan has so far failed to make its national institutes strong. Concept of cheap justice at lower judiciary, lack of health and educational facilities have shaken faith of people in country. Daylight robberies, kidnapping and scores of target killings on daily basis has forced investors to flee to Bangladesh, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. Seeing such a situation Faiz Ahmed Faiz had to say”YEH WOH TO SAHER NAHIN”.
Rather Tehrik Insaaf led by Imran Khan that is ruling KPK, along with Pakistan Awami Tehrik of Dr.Allama Tahirul Qadri joined by Wahdat Muslimeen (Shia party) Ahle Sunnat and others have taken out Freedom/Revolution March aimed to remove government of prime minister Nawaz Sharif and the parliament as they allege that the parliament was elected in May 2013 with bogus vote and fraud elections. The fact is that democracy in India since partition in 1947 has strengthened while in Pakistan weakened as half the period that is 33 years nation suffered under oppression and repression of Martial Laws while the remaining period country has been ruled by handful of few Jagirdars, Chowdhrys, Khans and Sardars who have almost control on political and economic life of nation. They spend huge amounts of money to buy the votes to reach power corridors since creation of Pakistan. Democracy in Pakistani can best be described as oligarchy or rule of rich . These feudal lord and billionaire rulers have no sense of problems and sufferings of people. They have been using assemblies for their own interests and benefits. India was partitioned on basis of 2 nation theory but due to follies and wrong policies of rulers, terrorists of Al-Qaeda and Tehrik Taliban have infilterated into Pakistan striking at their will blasting bombs at mosques, Imabargahs, Mandirs, Churches, markets and bazaars. People are asking questions while politically weak government was watching as silent spectators. The rulers tried to hold dialogues with terrorist groups and they did it but Pakistan army launched operation against terrorists in northern parts of country clearing that are believed as stronghold of terrorists. While as operation still continues the country has been plunged in another political crisis, this time Freedom march of Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf and Revolution march by a clerk/spiritual leader Tahirul Qadri.Both have chosen red zone of capital city Islmabad for their public gatherings.
Due to wrong policies of ruling Sharif brothers first time in history of country all roads and streets of all cities of Punjab were blocked by placing containers and other hindrances for over one week only to avert demonstration of Qadri during which period people remained besieged in homes crying for water and food. This act of rulers created hatred for them amongst people. Whatever consequences of marches one thing was evident that Pakistan on its 67th day of Independence has been more weak than before.

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