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truth behind scene

August 14, 2013

“TRUTH” Behind My Silence !
” Bol kay Lab azad hain Terey “
My silence should not be looked upon as my weakness ! My truth should be judged
by my viewers and many of those who have eagerly waited to hear the “The truth
“that lead to my resignation from Samaa after 4 years. Long hard four years of
work , when I think back it seems like a  journey of a life time.

My father always said ” Don’t speak too much truth its not worth it” in this
male dominated society. I always laughed and in my 15 years of journalistic
career it seems he was right. He passed away two years ago fearing everyday for
my life. The city I love the most was burning everyday, and everyday someone I
did not know died in target killing.

So I became  the voice of  the people but now I am unheard .I tried protecting
the rights of the Pakistanis but now my rights are being violated . I fearlessly
talked about the better future of my fellow citizens but my future has been
compromised. I talked against  the ruthless target killing in Karachi but now I
am on the hit list of target killers”

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