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imran khan denied victory

June 13, 2013
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Imran Khan denied of victory, an inside story



Special to Asian News

ISLAMABAD – The story is that Imran Khan was deprived of his hard-earned victory. Now the question is who did it and why? “It is difficult to answer that question,” said a political analyst who asked for anonymity.
However, he referred to a similar question that was once put to Benazir Bhutto by an Arab journalist during her second tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1996. Dr Abdul Qadir Tash, then Chief Editor of Arab News of Saudi Arabia, had the opportunity to have a two-hour panel interview with Ms Bhutto at in Riyadh. Tough questions were asked and prompt and emphatic answers were given by the Oxford-educated Pakistani leader.
But the eyebrows were raised a little later when Ms Bhutto was having post-interview informal chats with Dr Tash and his team of senior journalists over a cup of tea. The Arab News’ chief editor perhaps asked a blunt question that upset BB for a moment.
“What I feel is that your government will be toppled and this time Imran Khan will be asked to lead a broad-based national government comprising some young and bright politicians and technocrats,” said soft-spoken Dr Tash.
After a pause, Benazir said: “It’s off the record. My government is not in danger. Secondly, you know I’m a fighter. And if at all, my government was changed, the power would be given to Nawaz Sharif, not the cricketer because of his in-laws’ background. Believe me, Imran would always be a security threat for civil and military bureaucracy.”
But before May 11 elections, Jemima Goldsmith was no more Khan’s life partner. And according to Pakistani newspaper reports, the cricketer-turned politician was getting enormous support from Lt.-Gen. Shuja Pasha who was the ISI chief when Imran Khan held a mammoth political rally in Lahore.
Moreover, all political observers and analysts agreed that Imran’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf party was getting overwhelming support in all minor and major cities of Central Punjab. People of all ages were coming to attend Imran’s rallies. And they were there on all polling stations on May 11 morning to cast their votes for ‘change.’ 
Yet, Imran was clean bowled with a faster delivery from ‘invisible forces’. Imran supporters held demonstrations to protest against the rigging. A young girl, who was among the protesters, was holding placard inscribed with a slogan: “How took away my vote ?”
According to reliable sources here, Imran Khan was a front-runner during election campaign in last four weeks. “But at the end of the day, the stakeholders opted to support the PML(N) leader who was later invited to a series of meetings for consultations in a port city of a friendly country and UK,” the sources said. 
The sources further said: “The invisible forces then swung into action and a special election cell was created.” Expressing surprise over Imran’s omission, the sources said: “The cricketer could also have helped the smooth withdrawal of men and material from the war zones in Afghanistan.” The sources provided following details of May 11 election plan:
– A party (not PTI) will be given majority government and Taliban will be on board. A publisher of a newspaper who is better known as a “man of bird” will be given an important task. More than two dozen independent candidates will be among the elected MPs who will later join the establishment-backed government.
– $15 billion bailout package will be provided to help new government overcome its energy crisis. The donor will put pressure on the new government to cancel Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline.
– The government will also create conducive atmosphere to promote Indo-Pakistan friendship to accelerate the pace of two-way trade.

Posted on Jun 07, 13 | 9:49 am


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