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no let up in violence against women my article published at Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong

May 25, 2013

DG HDA involved in mass corruption


Published: May 23, 2013



HYDERABAD: Director General Hyderabad Development Authority Ghulam Muhammad Qaimkhani is on way to destroying the authority by doing office work sitting in Karachi instead of its headquarter at Hyderabad.

In collaboration with the subordinate officers of authority he was minting millions of rupees every month through corruption and has plunged the authority as well as its Water and Sewerage Agency (WASA) into deep crisis. He is not posted on regular basis as director general of H.D.A but is heading the authority under court stay order since long. Though former local bodies minister had appointed Qurban Khoso as DG but he got stay order from court and since then has made his headquarter in Karachi instead of Hyderabad and running the business under exchange of bribe.

Hundreds of employees of authority were suffering under economic difficulties in getting two square meals by not paying them the salary for more than 6 months despite recovery of Rs.30 millions of water charges from Hyderabad. He has made himself as the uncrowned king of H.D.A.

The employees of Wasa are protesting against nonpayment of salaries against Ghulam Muahmmad Qaimkhani and MD Wasa Saleemuddin Khan and as they are on strike the people of Hyderabad including Qasimabad and Latifabad are having no sufficient water for drinking to the extent that there is no water for ablution in mosques. Drainage system has also collapsed as the choked gutters are flowing on roads and streets. No authority has even taken notice of shabby affairs of H D A and Wasa. He spends Rs.600 millions on beautification of city few time ago but the condition of city is similar like Moenjodaro.

He is reported to handed over more than 31 vehicles of HD A to his friends and family and these vehicles are in use of his favourite ones. Every month millions are spent on fuel of vehicles for which fake log books are maintained. DG Ghulam Muhammad has promoted an officer of 17 grade Munir Siddiqui to grade 20 as chief financial officer in H D A trespassing his authority as only chief secretary has powers to promote any officer in grade 20.He has also posted one officer of his choice Shahid Pervez a junior officer as Director Planning and Development in place of senior officer Masood Jumani.

The citizens of Hyderabad and employees of H.D.A and Wasa have demanded inquiry against the corruption of Director general Hyderabad Development Authority Ghulam Muhammad Qaimkhani through anti corruption and NAB.

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