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torture on rohinga in burma

February 20, 2013

Rohingyas Face Torture and Abuse in Arakan Jails   ;

Wrongly blamed by the government for the violence in Arakan State last year, at least 1,000 Rohingyas remain in jail in deplorable conditions. 

shocking report last week said the prisoners include women and 70 children, some as young as 10 years old. 

There is also widespread and pervasive torture and violence in the jails, including sexual exploitation of minors. 

The DVB reports that the jailed Rohingya face regular beatings with the knowledge and support of local authorities. 

One former 70-year-old inmate said a new group of Rohingya prisoners would be beaten by the jail police every day, and he and other elderly prisoners were ordered to stack the bodies of those who perished at the hands of that abuse at the prison gate. 

“Many [new inmates] had no clothes and it was clear that many had been badly tortured before their arrival in Buthidaung jail,” said one inmate. “Some had broken bones; others knife injuries – some with cuts on their head and some on other parts of their body.” 

This government-sanctioned abuse and torture has led to at least 68 deaths.  

Take Action!  

Make phone calls to urge Burma to release its Rohingya prisoners. Urge the government to treat all its prisoners fairly and prosecute those enacting abuse against inmates.

Call the Burmese Embassy at (202) 332-3344, (202) 332-4350 or (202) 332-4352 and email the ambassador

Rakhine Threaten Aid Groups   

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)pleaded with Burmese authorities to help stop intimidation that has prevented the relief group from giving aid to the Rohingya Muslims in Burma. 
“Ongoing insecurity and repeated threats and intimidation by a small but vocal group within the Rakhine community have severely impacted on our ability to deliver life saving medical care,” said Arjan Hehenkamp, director general of Doctors Without Borders. 

The aid group has been the target of an intimidation campaign that has included Rakhine handing out pamphlets and letters and putting up Facebook posts that accuse Doctors Without Borders of having a pro-Rohingya bias. 

Spotlight on American Muslims for Palestine  ;

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)was formed in 2005 to educate Americans about Palestine and the people who have been under occupation there for decades. While the organization started out with a group of dedicated volunteers, it grew exponentially, leading to the opening of an office in Palos Heights, Ill., in 2008. 

The organization is now national and has a dozen chapters across the country. AMP focuses on educating the public about Palestinian justice through training, networking and providing information. 

Volunteers from the Chicago headquarters of AMP have been instrumental in their help to the Burma Task Force. Representatives have stepped up to taken on much-needed tasks, from designing flyers to transporting materials. The organization has been a key part in helping Burma Task Force take shape. 

Request Our Literature!

If you’re interested in requesting pamphlets to put up in your local masjid or community center, send an email We have already sent out a number of pamphlets to communities that have requested them. The pamphlet includes information on what is going on in Burma, what the Burma Task Force is doing and action you can take, such as signing petitions and making phone calls to ambassadors. ;




 ;   Majlis Shura of Atlanta

Free Rohingya Campaign  ;Muslim Peace Coalition
Muslim Ummah of North America
Muslim Leadership Council of New York

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