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February 16, 2013

Name: Ghulam Abbas Kassar
Father’s Name: Haji Allah Bachayo Kassar
Birth Date and Place: 6th January 1939 at Badin town of Sindh
Primary Sindhi up to 4 classes in Govt primary school Badin
Matric from Sindh University Hyderabad in second class in 1959
Joined government job as secretary union council Khorwah ( now district Badin),Oderolal ( now district Matriari),Hatri, district Hyderabad, town committee Badin and town committee New Saeedabad ( now district Matiari) from 1960 to 1964.
Went to Karachi and worked as accounts clerk in office of Comptoller Sindh for one year.
Joined journalism as proof reader in Illustrated Weekly of Pakistan and later in monthly The Herald ( still being published) both of Dawn group at its office first at New Chali and then at Haroon House Karachi in day time while during night time worked as sub editor in daily Business Post, Burns road Karachi from 1965 to 1970.
Left Karachi due to ethnic riots against Sindhis and went back to home town Badin in 1971. Worked as district reporter from Badin for Sindhi dailies Ibrat and Hilal Pakistan, Urdu dailies Mashriq and Musawat and English dailies Morning News and Herald Tribune till 1973.
Joined government job and worked as office assistant/cashier in Agroville Development Project Badin under Rural Development Department govt of Sindh till 1977 when General Zia imposed martial law toppling elected parliament and prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and closed down the agroville project.
Worked as site supervisor on construction of roads 1-from Hyderabad to Tando Muhammad Khan (33 kilometers) 2- Mirpurkhas to Mirwah 50 kilometers with a private construction company Dawood Khan & Bros from 1979 to 81.
Worked as Manager Starlight Hotel Hyderabad from 1981 to 1985.
Worked as sub editor in English daily Sindh Observer in Hyderabad from 1985 to 87. Worked as sub editor and later news editor in Sindhi dailies Aftab, Sarwan, Khadim Watan and Bakhtwar of Hyderabad and editor of Sindhi dailies Khadim Sindh and Khalq from 1987 to 1996.
Worked as bureau chief of English daily Sindh Tribune of Karachi from 1996 to 2000. Worked as desk incharge/news editor of English dialy Mirror at Hyderabad desk for 26 months.
Worked as bureau chief at Hyderabad for Pakistan Press International news agency of Karachi from August 2001 to 2010.
Also worked as Pakistan reporter for Pakistan Weekly, Berkeley, USA from 2003 to 2007.
Presently working as bureau chief of English daily Messenger of Karachi, author of English daily Lahore Times ( online) and reporter daily Pakistan Christian Post, Colorado, USA.
Article writer mostly on human rights issues including bonded labour, private jails of landlords and on vilence against women and minorities. Articles published in daily Dawn Karachi, Daily Times Lahore, Indian Muslim Observer New Delhi, Pakistan Christian Post and on website of Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong. See my artilces on of abbas kassar and on Author of Lahore Times ( online) and Economistan ( also online).
Member: Sindh Journalists Organization ( on business committee),member governing body of Hyderabad chapter of Pakistan Federal Union of Jouranlists,Committee of Concerned Journalists Washington DC and European Jouranlism Center, Committee to Protect Journalists,New York, Peoples Unity for Civil Liberties (India),Human Rights Hub, USA, World Poverty and Human Rights,USA,US State Department Diplomacy Channel ( discussion board).
On mailing list of Online Journalism Review and Committee for Protection of Reporters USA.
Also on mailing list of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch,Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong, Writers Internatioal,Weekly Asian Corredpondent, Daily Indus Asia Online,
Underwent two times imprisonment; 1- In central prison Hyderabad for one year in 1959 during the era of martial law of General Ayub Khan on leading villagers protest against high handedness of government officers who closed passage on inspection path of Mirwah canal which was only way of villagers of various villages of Deh Ghaghro to Badin. The protest took ugly shape of altercation in which both villagers and irrigation department staff were injuired. I was nominated as main accused in a case of hindrance in govt duty.
2- Again one year imprisonment and 15 lashes given by special military court Hyderabad during Movement for Restoration of Democracy in 1983 against Martial Law of General Ziaul Huq. Was flogged with 15 lashes in Nara Jail Hyderabad.Thousands of workers of Pakistan Peoples Party, Awami Tehrik, Communist Party of Pakistan and Jamiat Ulema Islam were sent to jails in Sindh. I was one of the founding members of Pakistan Peoples Party since 1968 with 4 anna membership and had served as secretary general of PPP of Miran Naka branch in Lyari, Karachi.
Blogspot: abbas kassar ( user id : and pw GolarchI786 with words G and I both capital).This blogspot contains many of my writings and pics of family members.
Email accounts: (user name: kassar_hyd and pw: mirannaka1965); and pw ghaghrai) and user name: and password: golarchi).
I have 3 facebook accounts: 1- ( pw ghaghrai); GolarchI786 both words G amd I are capital ) the gmail account has been closed yet the facebook still works; and hamurabitheking) This hotmail account has also been closed but facebook on this account is still working.


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