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February 11, 2013

HYDERABAD, Jan 09,2013: Eleven more children have died of measles in various parts of Sindh under very nose and negligence of government and health department the ministers officers of which were still in deep slumber and have not awoke to the epidemic which was killing innocent children the range of which has now reached from flood affected district of upper Sindh to Jamshor. 11 children had died on Wednesday in Jamshoro, Sukkur, Tangwani, Sindhri, Sinjhoro, Karampur, Bahrani,Khanpur and Saleh Pat. Among them include 2 years Asia d/o Malhar in Karampur, 2 years Khairan Shambani in Saleh Pat, 2 years Humaira Pittafi in Khanpur, 2 years Mazhar s/o Sharbat in Tangwani, Ali Beg s/o Shaukat Malik in Sindhri, 3 years daughter of Gahi Lashari in Ali Wahen, Changez s/o Sattar Palari and Zahida d/o Allahdino Palari at Kohistan in Jamshoro district. The ironical fact was that the president, prime minister, Sindh governor and chief minister have still not taken notice of the measles disease which was killing infants. The inside source of health department pointed out that the ministers and officers were receiving huge funds for vaccination of 7 deadly diseases including polio, measles, etc from UNICEF,WHO and USAID and there was infighting among them on the share distribution of the funds. The Sindh chief minister has now taken notice after 45 days since children in flood affected and remote villages started to fall victims to the disease. The health minister visited the upper Sindh towns that also after passage of one month. The districts health officers and program managers of various EPIs were fighting for postings one after another. For example in Hyderabad district health officer Bux Ali Pittafi has two days ago taken charge after he was transferred from Hyderabad three times in last 4 months. He is back because being father of Imdad Ali Pittafi PPP MPA from Tando Allahyar while Kazim Shah cousin of federal minister Naveed Qamar has been transferred from Hyderabad and posted at Tando Muhammad Khan his home district. The government was busy in politics in view of new challenges thrown to it by opposition leaders in shape of sometimes Tsunami while on others in shape of Long Marches while officers of health department were trying to get lucrative postings to earn more money.So in that sense no government functionary has got time to give attention to the dying infant humanity.


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