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sindh under feudal raj

February 6, 2013


The human rights situation in Sindh has gone from worse to worst as the present rule of feudal lords lingers on. Scores of people are being killed and kidnapped on daily basis. Women are killed and given in exchange like commodity for crimes of male family members. Murder, kidnapping and other heinous crimes are decided in Jirgas, illegal courts of local feudal lords instead of courts, in complicity of police. In January the first month of 2012, 156 people were killed (50 in Karachi) including 27 women out of whom 23 under Karo Kari( family honor) and 64 kidnapped including 23 women and children. 12 persons were already in captivity of kidnappers since last year that makes number of those made hostages with kidnappers in January to 76. These are figures taken from newspapers of cases which were reported only. More than half cases of kidnappings, rapes etc are not reported out of honor of family.

The Sardars, Jagirdars and Waderas have been made by present government as masters of black and white in their areas where each Wadera has set up his domination. Innocent people are killed, kidnapped and robbed on their behest for which no case is registered because police works under these Sardars. No culprit is arrested and the murders are messed up in Jirgas which are often organized by the Sardars where heavy fine is imposed on both sides. During the month of January 2012 as many as 11 Jirgas were held in which the Sardars/Waderas imposed fine of Rs.20 millions on both sides complainant and accused. Amount was shared by Sardars and police which works as their Kamdars( paid servant) instead of implementation of law police obeys the Sardars and Waderas for reason that the police officers were recruited and appointed on recommendation of these feudal lords.

The ministers have limited themselves to Karachi offices and whole province has been left on mercy of Waderas, Bhotars and Sardars who, by turning Sindh into crime land have blocked all ways of living for people.
Interesting aspect of violation of human rights is that major incidents of murders, kidnapping, killing, torture and violence against women, robberies, holding of illegal Jirgas,etc are taking place in Upper Sindh districts which are having powerful ministers in federal and provincial cabinets. District of Larkana has topped in crimes with 19 murders in a month followed by Shikarpur 14,Jaccobabad/ with 13 murders, Khairpur 12, Sukkur 9, Ghotki 8 and Dadu 7. Almost similar is position of kidnappings and violence against women These districts had remain notorious in crimes during last 4 years since PPP took over. With its new policy of reconciliation under which president Zardari has taken on board almost all notorious Sardars, Bhotars and Wadera who are know for no regard for human rights. Though these districts are represented in federal as well as Sindh cabinets more than lower Sindh districts. Aijaz Jakhrani, Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, Syed Khurshid Shah, are not only powerful federal ministers but also close to president Zardari. Similarly among Sindh ministers Siraj Durani, Mir Nadir Magsi, Ayaz Soomro, Agha Taimoor, Tauqeer Fatima Bhutto, Pir Mazharul Haq, Manzoor Wassan all powerful provincial minister along with Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and speaker Nisar Khuhro all belong to the crime infested Upper Sindh.
If law and order situation in any other province has gone to such worst climax that there could be no security of any man going out of home to return back safely, the chief minister would have resigned but such a tradition has never been set up in Pakistan and misery of Sindhis is that the system of their government runs to reverse like LBOD( left bank outfall drain which draining out rain water into sea flowed in reverse and inundated 9 districts of lower Sindh with sea water during 2011).
76 persons including 17 children were kidnapped during first month of 2012. The children include 18 months Moomal of Mehr, 3 years Marajeel of Sakrand, 8 years Faisal Khoso of Hyderabad, a baby Miskan from Ghotki. 4 girls kidnapped from Mehr town of district Dadu during December last also remained hostages with kidnappers as was Imran Jokhyo of Naushahro Feroz and 7 year girl Fazila Sarki who was kidnapped from Thul 4 and half years back during which as many as 6 SSP were posted in Jaccobabad. None of them could move to recover her, now reported to have forcibly married to a powerful Wadera of the area. The kidnappers did not even spare a beggar old man of Mehrabpur and a journalist Azam Sahriani of Daharki of Ghotki district.
The kidnapping and Jirgas have turned a lucrative job for Waderas. They decide fate of people of their area and then impose fine in Jirgas on those who do not bow before them. A 75 year old man Hassan Chachar resident near Dahrki was declared as Karo ( having illicit relations with a woman), and asked to pay fine of Rs.2 lacs plus daughter to Wadera and on his refusal to accept verdict his standing crop of sugarcane was burnt, his buffalo taken away and home ransacked by armed men of Wadera Arz Muhammad Chachar. When Hassn to police station Dahrki and then police station Obaro but at both P.S refused to lodge his complaint.

It is astonishing that why federal and Sindh governments kept silence and remained unwilling to stop human rights violation on such a large scale. The police also did not move to arrest any killer or kidnapper and instead of recovering the kidnapped persons was reported to have bargained their release by asking the victims relatives to pay ransom to kidnappers through them. The ransom amount was shared by police and waderas as kidnappers happen to be armed gangs of these politically powerful Waderas and Sardars.Under reconciliation policy of Mr. Zardari all Sardars and Jagirdars are part of present PPP government which claims to be party of poor but in fact is party of Jagirdars.
When three months back 3 Hindus were murdered in Chak town of Shikarpur district police did not arrest the main accused Ghulam Muhammad Bhayo nominated in FIR though he was roaming freely in Chak for the reason that he is close relative to Sardar Wahid Bux Bhayo MNA and district president of PPP while he is also front man of Sindh Minister Agha Siraj Durrani. Later few Hindu families migrated to India out of fear of monster Sardari system, the others made compromise under pressure. It is now reported that Hindus living in Chak town have been pressurized by powerful Sardars of the area,federal minister Sardar Ghous Bux Mehar, former minister Mir Manzoor Pahanwar and JUI leader Maulana Bakhtullah Pahore to withdraw from 3 Hindus murder case or to leave the area.
This is the state of affairs in Upper Sindh where feudal lords rule instead of law. Year 2012 has proved to be unfortunate for Sindhi people as the criminal gangs that are in fact private army of Sardars have started to slaughter infant children. In February 2012 as many as 5 children were killed. They include 3 children 7 years old Mumtaz Mehar, 8 years Irfan and 15 years Abdul Latif who was Hafiz Quran on Feb 8 when they were in sleep in their home in Soofi Mahula in Pano Akil near DIG House. A two and half year old child Azam was killed in village Abdul Majeed Lamberdar near Shahdadpur and his body was buried in hay heep. And a 9 year old child Salman Khokhar of Shaikh Zaid colony in Larkana city was killed by chopping his head. His dead body was recovered without head.
Police has failed to arrest any killer of children.
When people any where in Sindh take out rallies against killing of children, men and women, kidnapping, police atrocities and other crimes , the protesters are lathi charged and arrested. Rulers instead of being serious in controlling the crimes accuse the protesters of conspiring against democracy and say it has got mandate of people. Does mandate mean to kill and kidnap your voters at rate of at least 10 persons daily only in one province.

Apart from above, 14 incidents of suicide also took place in Sindh during the month mostly either by women fed up with family torture or by young men on not finding a job.

Police has invented new form of atrocities that is more inhuman in nature. Instead of arresting culprits police raided villages of complainants and not only pulled down or burnt homes of villagers but also took away their animals and arrested their women along with infant children. More than 65 homes were demolished or burnt by police during raids including 7 homes in Kausar Colony in Mirpur Mathelo, 8 homes were demolished in Mad and Bale Khan village in Kandiaro, 5 homes were burnt in village Hayat Gull in Kandiaro. Police also demolished 10 homes in village in Deh Jamal near Mehrabpur and 35 homes in Naseerabad. Police arrested scores of women from various villages along with milk sucking children because of their being related to decaoits. In Kandiaro tehsil of the home district of President Asif Ali Zardari, police killed 4 villagers declaring encounter. They were Ghulam Qadir, Ghulam Asghar, Abdullah Jhangani and Aziz Gopang. No authority at any level took notice of this false encounter. In one instance when 13 women were injured in a fight between two groups and the injured women rushed to police station Ghotki to seek refuge, police men shut the gate of police station to refuse protection. In a village in Madeji police took away 100 animals of villagers during a raid. It also goes to credit to police ( madad aap ki) that due to its repeated raids in Bachal Shah Miani in Sukkur, residents abandoned their 15 homes to migrate to safe places to avoid police cruelties. One person Nabi Bux was arrested from this area whose arrest has not been declared by police throughout January.
It is very sad aspect of law and order situation in one half of Sindh province that is called Upper Sindh consisting 2 divisions of Larkana and Sukkur while 2 other divisions of lower Sindh that are Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad remained peaceful compared to Upper part though law and order situation in lower Sindh also cannot be termed as satisfactory but cases are registered and challaned in courts police is not seen helpless as is in case of Upper Sindh. May be for the reason that here we have no Sardars, no private armies, so no Jirgas. I cant find answer to this aspect that why there are 2 cultures in Sindh.
In 1500 BC when Hittites warriors had taken control of Hamurabi’s Babylonia they advanced further and conquered Sindhu Mathri ( Indus valley).The conquerors declared them as Aryas and the local people as Das or Shudar ( slaves). These rulers then declared that as Shudar were unholy so they can be killed like dogs and cats. Similar situation of Aryan rule seems to have been ushered in Sindh again as hundreds are being killed every month like dogs and cats and there seems no court for victims. No one takes notice of these human rights violations, nor even President , prime minister neither any minister of Sindh including chief minister as if those falling victims were animals.
Even chief justice of Pakistan who takes suo moto notice of any illegal thing in purse of TV actress Atiqa Odho is silent on mass scale murders including of infant children, kidnapping and atrocities of police and illegal Jirga in Sindh.
However the people of Sindh, who are forced to remain as slaves of Sardars, Bhotars, tribal chiefs and Waderas who by virtue of Pakistan Peoples Party’s rule of plunder, loot, oppression and cruelty since 2008 , are all sitting in power corridors as its allies under reconciliation policy of Mr. Zardari, president of Pakistan and chief of PPP, have not lost all hopes and were looking to higher judiciary and those political parties who want abolishing Jagirdari and Sardari system and landlordism in Sindh for their deliverance from this tyrant rule and system.
NOTE: Abbas Kassar is former bureau chief of PPI at Hyderabad, Pakistan Reporter of Pakistan Weekly,Berkeley, USA. Presently reporter of Lahore Times, The Messenger Karachi and activist/ writer on human rights.
Contact: 92 3453585137 email:;; kassar badinai
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