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one more hindu girl handed to converter

August 25, 2012

HYDERABAD, August 24,2012: One more Hindu girl Hemi daughter of Dino Lohar of Golarchi district Badin was handed by Sindh High Court Hyderabad circuit bench judge to Aftab Chang who had kidnapped her two months back and then married her after converting her forcibly. After decision of SHC the relatives and people of Hindu community held protest demonstration outside press club here on Friday. The protest was led by Rumesh Gupta chairman of Sindh Human Rights Council. He told newsmen that the girl was kidnapped two months back and was kept under frear. The High Court did not allow her parents father and mother to meet her or even to talk her in court. He said she was under pressure and has been deprived of her right to give statement with freedom. The girl when presented in court was in veil as such her parents could not recognize her. They requested that as the girl was under constant pressure after kidnapping since last two months. They asked for talking with her but were not allowed by the court. The father of girl Dino told that her daughter was of only 12 years and he has shown such birth certificate to court but it was turned down. He said his daughter was kidnapped 2 months back by few scoundrels  led by Aftab Chang. He said that now as their honor was not safe in Pakistan they shall have no option other than to migrate to India.
It may be reminded that Hemi is among scores of Hindu girls after Dr. Lata and Rinkel Kumari were handed to converters by chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan on April 18,2012. These girls were kidnapped from Ghotki from where more than 250 Hindus have migrated to India since then. Recenly a Hindu girl Manisha has also been kidnapped from upper Sindh and converted. The upper Sindh districts of Ghotki, Jaccobabad and Shikarpur where the tribal Sardars are made de facto rulers, Hindus are facing lot of violence including abduction of ransom, kidnapping their girls for conversion, loot, robberies and murders and have been migrating to place of safety which for them is no other than India being predominantly Hindu country. Though president Zardari has formed a committee to probe into matter of unrest among Hindus but it is too late since much water has flown undr bridge since last 4 and half years rule of PPP that has made Pakistan as difficult country for minorities.

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