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flood losses in sindh

December 3, 2011

DEATH TOLL OF CHILDREN DIE IN FLOODS RISES TO 77___________________________________________________________________


HYDERABAD,August 13,2003: 8 more children have died of gastro and flood water in various parts of Sindh brining the number of children dying of gastro,malaria and of drowning in rain/flood water to 77.Gastro and malaria was spreading fast in towns where the rain water mixed with that of choked gutters was still standing and no arrangement has so far been made by the local municipal administration for draining it out.The fact is that in many cities and towns like Hyderabad there was no point to dispose of the drain water and small pumping machine here and there would not solve the problems.Apart from Badin and Thatta where the dead bodies were still being recovered floating on water or hanging in trees,Sangahr and Dadu districts were the other areas hard hit by rains and drain streams.Hundreds of children were admitted in hospitals in Dadu and Sanghar.In village Salam Shah near Chotiarioon district Sanghar 10 years Ramkali and 2 years Rambai both daughters of Mataro Odd died of gastro.In Tando Adam. Anam 4 d/o of Ali Nawaz Mari lost her life to gastro.2 years Allah Bachai d/o Urs Machhi died of gastro in Shah Karim Bulri taluka Tando Mohammed Khan while infant daughter of Issa Machhi died of gastro in Lundo .Her father Issa could not tolerate the shock and also died.Touching scenes were witnessed when two corpses were taken out from one house.A boy Abdul Ghafoor s/o Baharo died of same disease in Thul.In Dadu two girls 10 years old Raheela d/o Nazar Mohammed Lashari and 12 years Zameeran d/o Murad Ali Lashari died while saving their two cousins Abdul Shakoor and Rauf both sons of Abdul Ghafoor Lashari who were swept by stream water in village Bhai Khan Lashri.Both boys were saved while the girls died.

Out of 77 children died so far since the second spell of heavy rain from July 23 to 29 ,2003,that lashed Sindh especially Badin and Thatta district,major loss of infact lives was in Badin distrit where 48 children had lost their lives moslty swept away by gushing water.Most deaths have occured in the area which was flooded by reverse flowing of Left Bank Outfall Drain.These areas include Tando Bago(taluka town),Nindo Shahar,Luari Sharif,Abdullah Shah, WahnaiSharif,Kadhan,Bahdmi,Bhugra Memon,Sheikh Kirhyo Bhandhri,Sheikhani Ghari ,Seerani and Golo Mandhro apart from hundreds of other surrounding villages.In Mallah village near Bahdmi all houses were swept away in waves of rain/LBOD water.The volunteers of Edhi Foundation had recovered 31 dead bodies floating on water and some hanging on trees.Among them 19 were of children.

Among other districts severely hig by rain floods include Thatta where 7 children died ,Sanghar 5,Mirpurkhas 4,Nawabshah 3,Dadu 6,Mithi 4.

The reason for widespread death of chilren(along with elders)was due to gastro,malaria and other water borne diseases.This speaks of inefficiency of health department as well as local administration.Both have failed on counts of providing proper treatement to the ailing humanity and draining out rain water from their areas..It was deplorable that the Advisor to Chief Minister for Health Noman Saigal was not in country and has not returned as yet even after so much disaster occured due to floods.Health department tall claims of providing health care and sending medical teams had proved false.Had their claims been true there had nevr been large scale demise especially of children many of whom were said to have died of non availability of medicinesAstonishingly the heath secretary was demanding Rs10 millions from government to meet the needs of hospitals from where,according to him all stocks of medicines were sent to Badin and Thatta.The medical camps set up by health department did not provide medicines to affected people except Paracetamol tables for all diseases.It was surprising where all stocks went?

The local councilos and nazims were more interested in getting the relief goods and now were running behind collecting funds for affected people.Had they tried to pump out rain water from their towns/villages many lives could have been saved.The fight has started on getting funds and no attention is given to get rid of stagnant water from the cities and towns where people in hundreds were protesting and blocking raods to press for their grievances main among them being the pumping out of water which has now turned killer for human lives.In Hyderabad the main official building Shahbaz building which houses the offices of all regional,divisional and district officers, was still full of rain water and not a single pump was seen their to drain out watr.The officers do not care as they come to offices in vehicles but the lower staff and public used to come to offices by wading throug dirty water for almost 2 weeks.It was sun which evaporated the water though pools of it were still standing here and there otherwise the municipal administration,H D A and WASA have totally failed.



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