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issues facing sindh and human rights violations

November 29, 2011

BADIN, November 27, 2011: More than Rs.1000 millions have been embezzled in Badin district by district administration through EDO (Finance) Saleem Rajput. As much of the district area of 5 tehsils of Badin district was still under flood water that had lashed whole Sindh including Badin which was hid hard and that the government of Sindh has failed to drain out the stagnant flood water from much area of Tando Bago tehsil where the people of union councils of Malkani Sharif, Pangrio, Khalifo Qasim and others have still not returned to their homes, while in Talhar tehsil the people of Union councils Piru Lashari, Khir Daho, Rojhan the authorities have taken no step to drain out flood water due to which the water borne diseases were spreading fast like epidemic. The main reason being that pumping machines, generators and other equipment and accessories worth millions of rupees which were sent to Badin for the purpose to help flood affected area and people were sold in market by district administration for which to account has been audited by the government. It was reported that the district administration Badin had received flood relief material for distribution among flood affected people during the agony period of two months of August and September 2011 but the same instead of giving away to people was allowed to get rusted in godowns. These materials were then thrown on roads after getting rusted and turning unable for human use. The sources close to district administration has told this scribe that EDO Finance Badin has drawn an amount of Rs.15 millions as only fare for 675 vehicles loaded with relief material received at district but no truck was seen distributing the ration said to be loaded on these 675 trucks which, source said, were sold in market in Hyderabad and other cities. The local press is witness that all relief to 1 million flood affected people of Badin district was given to them by local NGOs which has received same from Pakistan and foreign aid agencies as well as the religious charity organizations. People raise fingers as to where the aid material of 675 truck loads went. The source also said that apart from this fraud the EDO Finance Saleem Rajput has shown in his record expenses of Rs.300 millions on purchase of relief goods from market for distribution among flood affected people but in fact not a single bag of flour or rice or not a kilo of cooking oil was given to affected people. Sources said that in this way EDO Finance Badin has committed corruption of more than Rs.1000 millions in name of flood affected people of which no inquiry has been made. More than half of the affected people were still residing on road sides waiting the flood water to evaporate under sun as all the 600 plus pumping machines and even number of generators received at district office were missing suspected to be sold in market. President Zardari is on record of having said that out of 300,000 tents 40,000 were given to FAP of Badin district but if one traveled on roads from Badin to its various towns one can not count even 1000 tents. The remaining tents were also sold by district administration. It was said that Agha Wasif then DCO Badin did attend his office in Badin for one day in a week as he had to spend remaining days in Dubai to look after business of Asif Zardari. The people of Badin have demanded from Chief Justice Pakistan, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to order probe in the fraud on such large scale in Badin which has on one hand deprived the affected people of state and foreign aid while on the other has caused heavy loss to exchequer and to bring the officers involved in the embezzlement to book.


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